Had a small child arrive at after school dancing, with dye running out of her bag. To the horror of onlookers, saying “what can we do?”
They quickly tried plain water saturation, to no effect. Then my daughter remembered she had a small amount of Super Zif left in a container. She poured the product into a bucket of cold water and placed the clothing into it. After 30 minutes, we removed the clothing, watching in trepidation. To their amazement, all the dye had disappeared from the clothing. Phew!! So hence, all the onlookers instantly wanted Super Zif

Liz Gianoutsos, NZ


I am a 61 year old great nan. I was walking down the hallway in the maternity ward after no 5 great grandson being born. Walking towards me was and old friend I hadn’t seen for 2 years! Her first words to me were:- “I thought you were meant to be getting older!”. 3 weeks I have been on Alpha lipid Lifeline and I cannot believe the difference I feel and look in such a short time. I’m picking up my 2nd tin this week. LOVE IT!

Mary Foradori


Before using the Alpha Lipid Colostrum Powder product it was hard for me to hold down the food that i would eat, i would find myself going to the toilet every time id put something in my stomach, which inturn makes me hungry again. It was like my stomach wasn’t digesting the foods properly or something like that. However after being on the Alpha Lipid Colostrum Powder it seems my digestive system is working better and more effectively. I’m digesting the foods better. I put this down to the Colostrum that i am taking. I’ve noticed a whole lot of benefits just in the last few months and i’m loving it. My energy levels are awesome and i seem to get through the day without feeling so tired and exhausted. I love to share all my benefits with all my family and friends too. I found out about the new Image products range through my father-in-law Haarangi Harrison, who is a Manager within the company. The products i have used are awesome and i always recommend them to others. I feel so much better and seem to have a lot more energy to keep me going. Thank you and i will continue to use this particular product.

Lequan Meihana